LG Large City; Monarchy; Population: 24,000 (37% humans, 25% half-elves, 21% elves, 8% dwarves 9% others)

Considered by more imperial nations to be the capitol of Eldin, Orness is Eldin’s oldest established city. Self-sufficient through fishing, manufacturing and primarily agriculture, Orness has stood since before the days of St. Lucian and even prides itself as his birthplace. St. Lucian’s temple here is the largest and most ornate in all of Eldin and claims to be the location of his ascension. It is also home to the largest military force in Eldin, though such a distinction is not heartily contested. Orness has been ruled for the past 1,000 years or so by a succession of monarchs, the most recent of which is Queen Eindira.

Orness is built on the shore of Eldin’s northernmost lake and has expanded its walls to surround the ever-growing settlements around the original keep. The majority of Orness’s walls and buildings are constructed primarily of granite. Consequently, the plains around Orness are pitted with both abandoned and active granite quarries.

Primary Exports: stone, cotton, food

Primary imports: ores, lumber, gems


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