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  • Lucian

    A cleric of the now-dead [[demi-god Eldin]] and liberator of the Eldinian people. Lucian was born in [[Orness]] about 1,500 years ago and is said to have been chosen by the god Eldin to lead a purge of gnolls from the land. After fighting for many …

  • Queen Eindira

    Queen Eindira is the reigning monarch of [[Orness]] and the surrounding towns and settlements. She has ruled Orness for 27 years, has never married and has no descendants to claim her throne when she passes.

    Like Orness's monarchs before her, …

  • Barton Walsh

    The war hero reportedly responsible for uniting the region now known as [[Rimuldar]] and founding the Knight Protectors. It is said that Walsh, much like Eldin's St. [[Lucian]], called good-aligned races together to drive evil humanoids from his …

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