Eldin Campaign

Session 26, Frostmoon 18-20 and ????

Lost and Found

Frostmoon 18 – After selling and consigning quite a bit of loot to Lad, Yope heads back to the guild to get some much-needed rest.

Frostmoon 19 – Yope is awakened by a strangely serious Jack, who tells her that the guild has been summoned for assembly beneath Esau’s Cup. Arriving late due to her caffeine addiction, Yope asks Jack for the Cliffnotes version of what Variel is telling the rest of the guild. She learns that three guild safehouses were destroyed overnight and is placed with Jack and three unfamiliar guild members on a recovery and assessment team. The quintet discover smoldering ruins, charred skeletons and the inquisitor Aleza when they arrive. Initial investigation indicates that all guild members were killed before the fire started and that no survivors were left. Yope discovers that Caleb is among the slain, and she and Jack take a few moments to mourn the loss of their friend.
When the guild re-assembles, a furious Variel outlines his plan to move against the seditious element within the inquisitors sooner and more forcefully than he’d initially planned. Svadin is brought in to infiltrate the inquisitors’ base with Yope and open the front gate for a much larger strike force.
During this raid, Svadin leaves Yope and pursues her own agenda. Yope magically disguises herself as Aleza and has the front doors opened, and the Red Dragon guild members create havoc for Variel while he heads for the lowest levels of the compound for information that will convict Byram in the eyes of the other sentinels. Yope also attempts to locate these documents but ends up finding Svadin standing over the seemingly sleeping form of St. Lucian, looking more like a half-elven acolyte than a god.
Shaken by what she’s witnessed, Yope is joined by Svadin in her search for Variel. The pair find him engaged against Byram in another portion of the compound. Svadin attempts to aid the flagging elf while Yope sticks to the mission and robs Byram of his correspondence with Isaac Alvain. When she returns, Yope, along with a defeated Variel and weakened Svadin, witnesses Isaac’s murder of Byram and breaking of the sentinel’s mask. The trio elude Isaac and make their way back to Red Dragon headquarters with their stolen evidence.
Variel orders the guild to continue defending themselves while he sells the information he’s acquired as dearly as he can. Yope returns to her quarters for a rest.

Frostmoon 20 – Variel gathers the guild to announce that his exposure of two high-ranking traitors within Orness’s religious and political power structures has earned him Byram’s former seat as the third Sentinel. While this protects the Red Dragon from retribution for their invasion of the inquisitors’ base of operations, many in the guild feel that it’s a departure from their chosen lifestyle. Yope is dealt another blow when Svadin announces her intent to travel south to use the information she gathered in Orness against the Judges and their army of monsters outside Velothi. Lad sympathizes with Yope’s misgivings (both religious and guild-related) but has little advice to offer. Jack, however, saves the day with a guild-sanctioned mission that will get him out of Orness for a time and allow him to bring Yope with him. The pair will ride out the changes in the city by leaving to search for Cooper and, by extension, the catfolk that fled Orness with him. Yope makes her preparations and bids her hometown farewell for the time being.

? – Tamera awakens in an infirmary of sorts, unable to understand the language of the half-elves that are caring for her. While her equipment is returned to her intact and her poisoned arrow wound has healed, the city she finds herself in is completely unfamiliar to her. During several tours (some guided by her caretakers) of the area around her infirmary, Tamera learns that she is in a frozen settlement populated entirely by half-elves and lacking any metal other than silver. After wandering the snow-bound settlement several times throughout the day, she eventually hears the familiar ancient Eldin language being sung by a bard at what appears to be a tavern. When the minstrel finishes a set of songs, Tamera approaches him and makes herself understood in their common archaic language. Though the conversation is slow, her new friend (Gwynned by name) helps her understand that she’s in a town named for the ancient term for the Chariot. The people venerate the familiar card image as a deity and seem to have no knowledge of other religious pursuits. She also learns that the city — Kalt, the people call it — is the only known settlement in a world surrounded by impassible mountains and something Gwynned refers to as the Void. Strangely, after her talk with Gwynned, Tamera is able to understand the language of the people of Kalt. She returns to her temporary home at the infirmary and, deducing that she has traveled through time to the beginning of the world, Tamera despairs of ever returning home.



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