Eldin Campaign

Sessions 27-30, Skymoon 2-7

The Plateau

Skymoon 2 – After spending most of the morning getting her bearings in her new city, Tamera talks to the quipu (city administrator) and is assigned to help the shomel (hunters/defenders). She proves impressively adept at horse riding, much to the surprise of the shomel, and strikes an uneasy friendship with Cienna, one of their leaders. After a hunt with her new comrades and defeating a lone ice troll, Tamera returns to see Gwynned at his favourite tavern. He renews his Share Language spell on her and shows her the archives, a library with multiple basement levels. Tamera spends the evening reading here to learn what she can about her current location in space and time.

Skymoon 3 – Having spent the night at the shomel circle, Tamera awakens early and goes to the stables outside of town to groom horses. She returns to the city to gather supplies and cook a reasonably decent meal for the shomel, something they haven’t been doing for themselves lately. At dinner, she describes to the shomel her homeland, a place full of concepts alien to the denizens of Kalt.

Skymoon 4 – Using the remaining supplies she gathered yesterday, Tamera prepares breakfast for the shomel, for which they are quite grateful. She then goes out to the primary temple of the Kalt to learn what she can about society in his namesake settlement. Afterward, she gathers more supplies from the local storehouses to prepare another meal for the shomel.

Skymoon 5 – Having learned that she was found not far from the supposed home of the Kalt, Tamera gathers supplies and sets out north with Gwynned and Cienna. Gwynned proves to be a less-than-able horseman, but the group reaches the Kalt’s home before nightfall. After facing an illusory red dragon, the trio make camp in the shelter of the cave that contains a portal to the home of the Kalt.

Skymoon 6 – The group learns, through trial and error, that only two are allowed to undertake the trial of the Kalt at one time, and so Gwynned and Tamera forge ahead without Cienna. They explore a multi-level tower that appears to be suspended in the air and split into a multitude of circular rooms, each of which contains a combat-based challenge that they must overcome. After several hours of such trials, the pair activate another portal, and Tamera alone ascends to meet the Kalt himself.
The incarnation of the ancient inhabitants of Eldin’s need for divinity and their fondness for the imagery of tarot cards, the Kalt (or the Chariot) is one the old gods supposedly driven out by Eldin. He explains to Tamera that the old gods joined together to become Eldin in order to better serve their people. When in desperate need, St. Lucian, who had somehow learned the nature of his god, split them into their component parts, slew most of them and took their power for himself and his companions, creating the masks worn by Eldin’s Judges. The Chariot, having taken refuge in his old temple on a secluded plateau on the eastern edge of Eldin, was never discovered by the Judges and exterminated. After hearing what Isaac and his new Judges are doing in the valley below, the Chariot challenges Tamera to combat, eventually falling and passing what’s left of his power to her in the form of a mask. Tamera laments the loss of the last of the old gods but takes up his mask and becomes the seventh Judge.
Having learned from the Chariot that her way home would be found in his temple, Tamera follows his directions to a room devoid of the artifact that she could use to return to Velothi. Her mask has an innate knowledge of where the item can be found, however, and she returns to the plateau below and the city of Kalt.

Skymoon 7 – Tamera gathers a troop of shomel and Gwynned to hunt down the mythic wings that can return her to the valley of Eldin and her home. Their search leads them to the lair of a large number of ice trolls. They creep through most of the passageways, careful not to alert the main body of the troll clan to their presence. Tamera discovers a door sealed to those without the Kalt’s power, and behind it is a fiery sabre. She and Gwynned creep through the majority of the cavern’s passages before finding the mythic troll Nix, long thought by the people of Kalt to have perished, in the cave’s deepest chamber.
Upon further investigation, Tamera discovers a suit of armour that speaks telepathically to her and calls itself Gurug Trollbane. It insists that the trolls here be destroyed and promises that it can help if she will equip it. The armour is eventually donned by a young shomel named Marten, and the Trollbane subsumes his personality. With their newfound ally, Tamera and company set a trap for the remainder of the ice troll clan and destroy them. They then prepare to stand against Nix, a troll of immense power whose regenerative abilities even fire and acid cannot slow.



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