Eldin Campaign

Session 23, Frostmoon 13-14


Frostmoon 13 – Yope and Lad discuss her plans to free her cousin from wrongful imprisonment. Lad loans her a Ring of Spellbinding that will double the duration of her Disguise Self spell. After determining that she’ll need help and all of her gear, Yope takes the form of Cooper and returns to her place to find a very confused Caleb guarding her stuff. Caleb rounds up Yope’s friends in the guild, and the crew hatches a plan to free the catfolk. Execution of this plan, however, proved somewhat different than expected, and while Cooper and the three imprisoned catfolk fled the city headed east, Yope had to sacrifice her freedom for theirs. She was surrounded by the watch and imprisoned.

Frostmoon 14 – In the morning, watch captain Karla comes to Yope and questions her briefly about the events that took place at Harlequin guild’s hideout. Convinced already that Yope and Will weren’t the responsible parties, Karla frees Yope, believing her to be the most likely way to find the actual culprit.
Yope escapes prison with Karla’s help and returns to the Red Dragon. Her welcome is a bit less than warm, though her friends help her find a quiet place to sleep so that she can prepare her disguise spells again. They wish her luck but can’t do much more than that.
Now disguised, Yope looks for a way to make her human form more permanent, but neither Noah or Lad can offer her anything. Lad, however, informs her that the disappearing trick her actual assassin pulled was unique to the fey, though a fey mass murderer does seem strange to him.
Seeking knowledge of the fey and intending to further a side job, Yope returns to Svadin, who gratefully accepts the boots and tells her of a fey hollow located on the other side of the lake. Svadin assumes that she’ll be accompanying Yope (and likely wouldn’t have taken no for an answer), and the pair rest up before they set out for the fey lair in the morning. Yope, characteristically, steals Svadin’s basin of warm water to take a long overdue bath.



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