Eldin Campaign

Sessions 27-30, Skymoon 2-7
The Plateau

Skymoon 2 – After spending most of the morning getting her bearings in her new city, Tamera talks to the quipu (city administrator) and is assigned to help the shomel (hunters/defenders). She proves impressively adept at horse riding, much to the surprise of the shomel, and strikes an uneasy friendship with Cienna, one of their leaders. After a hunt with her new comrades and defeating a lone ice troll, Tamera returns to see Gwynned at his favourite tavern. He renews his Share Language spell on her and shows her the archives, a library with multiple basement levels. Tamera spends the evening reading here to learn what she can about her current location in space and time.

Skymoon 3 – Having spent the night at the shomel circle, Tamera awakens early and goes to the stables outside of town to groom horses. She returns to the city to gather supplies and cook a reasonably decent meal for the shomel, something they haven’t been doing for themselves lately. At dinner, she describes to the shomel her homeland, a place full of concepts alien to the denizens of Kalt.

Skymoon 4 – Using the remaining supplies she gathered yesterday, Tamera prepares breakfast for the shomel, for which they are quite grateful. She then goes out to the primary temple of the Kalt to learn what she can about society in his namesake settlement. Afterward, she gathers more supplies from the local storehouses to prepare another meal for the shomel.

Skymoon 5 – Having learned that she was found not far from the supposed home of the Kalt, Tamera gathers supplies and sets out north with Gwynned and Cienna. Gwynned proves to be a less-than-able horseman, but the group reaches the Kalt’s home before nightfall. After facing an illusory red dragon, the trio make camp in the shelter of the cave that contains a portal to the home of the Kalt.

Skymoon 6 – The group learns, through trial and error, that only two are allowed to undertake the trial of the Kalt at one time, and so Gwynned and Tamera forge ahead without Cienna. They explore a multi-level tower that appears to be suspended in the air and split into a multitude of circular rooms, each of which contains a combat-based challenge that they must overcome. After several hours of such trials, the pair activate another portal, and Tamera alone ascends to meet the Kalt himself.
The incarnation of the ancient inhabitants of Eldin’s need for divinity and their fondness for the imagery of tarot cards, the Kalt (or the Chariot) is one the old gods supposedly driven out by Eldin. He explains to Tamera that the old gods joined together to become Eldin in order to better serve their people. When in desperate need, St. Lucian, who had somehow learned the nature of his god, split them into their component parts, slew most of them and took their power for himself and his companions, creating the masks worn by Eldin’s Judges. The Chariot, having taken refuge in his old temple on a secluded plateau on the eastern edge of Eldin, was never discovered by the Judges and exterminated. After hearing what Isaac and his new Judges are doing in the valley below, the Chariot challenges Tamera to combat, eventually falling and passing what’s left of his power to her in the form of a mask. Tamera laments the loss of the last of the old gods but takes up his mask and becomes the seventh Judge.
Having learned from the Chariot that her way home would be found in his temple, Tamera follows his directions to a room devoid of the artifact that she could use to return to Velothi. Her mask has an innate knowledge of where the item can be found, however, and she returns to the plateau below and the city of Kalt.

Skymoon 7 – Tamera gathers a troop of shomel and Gwynned to hunt down the mythic wings that can return her to the valley of Eldin and her home. Their search leads them to the lair of a large number of ice trolls. They creep through most of the passageways, careful not to alert the main body of the troll clan to their presence. Tamera discovers a door sealed to those without the Kalt’s power, and behind it is a fiery sabre. She and Gwynned creep through the majority of the cavern’s passages before finding the mythic troll Nix, long thought by the people of Kalt to have perished, in the cave’s deepest chamber.
Upon further investigation, Tamera discovers a suit of armour that speaks telepathically to her and calls itself Gurug Trollbane. It insists that the trolls here be destroyed and promises that it can help if she will equip it. The armour is eventually donned by a young shomel named Marten, and the Trollbane subsumes his personality. With their newfound ally, Tamera and company set a trap for the remainder of the ice troll clan and destroy them. They then prepare to stand against Nix, a troll of immense power whose regenerative abilities even fire and acid cannot slow.

Session 26, Frostmoon 18-20 and ????
Lost and Found

Frostmoon 18 – After selling and consigning quite a bit of loot to Lad, Yope heads back to the guild to get some much-needed rest.

Frostmoon 19 – Yope is awakened by a strangely serious Jack, who tells her that the guild has been summoned for assembly beneath Esau’s Cup. Arriving late due to her caffeine addiction, Yope asks Jack for the Cliffnotes version of what Variel is telling the rest of the guild. She learns that three guild safehouses were destroyed overnight and is placed with Jack and three unfamiliar guild members on a recovery and assessment team. The quintet discover smoldering ruins, charred skeletons and the inquisitor Aleza when they arrive. Initial investigation indicates that all guild members were killed before the fire started and that no survivors were left. Yope discovers that Caleb is among the slain, and she and Jack take a few moments to mourn the loss of their friend.
When the guild re-assembles, a furious Variel outlines his plan to move against the seditious element within the inquisitors sooner and more forcefully than he’d initially planned. Svadin is brought in to infiltrate the inquisitors’ base with Yope and open the front gate for a much larger strike force.
During this raid, Svadin leaves Yope and pursues her own agenda. Yope magically disguises herself as Aleza and has the front doors opened, and the Red Dragon guild members create havoc for Variel while he heads for the lowest levels of the compound for information that will convict Byram in the eyes of the other sentinels. Yope also attempts to locate these documents but ends up finding Svadin standing over the seemingly sleeping form of St. Lucian, looking more like a half-elven acolyte than a god.
Shaken by what she’s witnessed, Yope is joined by Svadin in her search for Variel. The pair find him engaged against Byram in another portion of the compound. Svadin attempts to aid the flagging elf while Yope sticks to the mission and robs Byram of his correspondence with Isaac Alvain. When she returns, Yope, along with a defeated Variel and weakened Svadin, witnesses Isaac’s murder of Byram and breaking of the sentinel’s mask. The trio elude Isaac and make their way back to Red Dragon headquarters with their stolen evidence.
Variel orders the guild to continue defending themselves while he sells the information he’s acquired as dearly as he can. Yope returns to her quarters for a rest.

Frostmoon 20 – Variel gathers the guild to announce that his exposure of two high-ranking traitors within Orness’s religious and political power structures has earned him Byram’s former seat as the third Sentinel. While this protects the Red Dragon from retribution for their invasion of the inquisitors’ base of operations, many in the guild feel that it’s a departure from their chosen lifestyle. Yope is dealt another blow when Svadin announces her intent to travel south to use the information she gathered in Orness against the Judges and their army of monsters outside Velothi. Lad sympathizes with Yope’s misgivings (both religious and guild-related) but has little advice to offer. Jack, however, saves the day with a guild-sanctioned mission that will get him out of Orness for a time and allow him to bring Yope with him. The pair will ride out the changes in the city by leaving to search for Cooper and, by extension, the catfolk that fled Orness with him. Yope makes her preparations and bids her hometown farewell for the time being.

? – Tamera awakens in an infirmary of sorts, unable to understand the language of the half-elves that are caring for her. While her equipment is returned to her intact and her poisoned arrow wound has healed, the city she finds herself in is completely unfamiliar to her. During several tours (some guided by her caretakers) of the area around her infirmary, Tamera learns that she is in a frozen settlement populated entirely by half-elves and lacking any metal other than silver. After wandering the snow-bound settlement several times throughout the day, she eventually hears the familiar ancient Eldin language being sung by a bard at what appears to be a tavern. When the minstrel finishes a set of songs, Tamera approaches him and makes herself understood in their common archaic language. Though the conversation is slow, her new friend (Gwynned by name) helps her understand that she’s in a town named for the ancient term for the Chariot. The people venerate the familiar card image as a deity and seem to have no knowledge of other religious pursuits. She also learns that the city — Kalt, the people call it — is the only known settlement in a world surrounded by impassible mountains and something Gwynned refers to as the Void. Strangely, after her talk with Gwynned, Tamera is able to understand the language of the people of Kalt. She returns to her temporary home at the infirmary and, deducing that she has traveled through time to the beginning of the world, Tamera despairs of ever returning home.

Sessions 23-25, Frostmoon 15-18
Exoneration and Water Temple

Frostmoon 15 – The pair travels to the other side of the lake to enter the fey hollow. They encounter a group of gremlins, killing several of them before the rest flee. Yope, having noticed that one moved substantially faster than the others, takes a pair of slippers from its body and finds that they re-size themselves to fit her.
Yope and Svadin continue through the hollow, taking advantage of useful plants and bypassing dangerous ones. Eventually they are attacked by the surviving gremlins with some new, nastier friends. The duo prevails again, taking an exceptionally fine gauzy shawl from one of the dead gremlins.
In the final chamber of the hollow, they meet a nereid taking up residence in an underground pond. She insists on the return of her shawl (stolen by the gremlins) and offers to help Yope find her fey assassin in exchange. Yope acquires a pendant with which she can divine the location of fey creatures. Halfway back to Orness, the pendant begins pointing toward the city.

Frostmoon 16 – After visiting Lad, Yope triangulates the location of the fey in Orness. She finds him in a compound in the north-east corner of the city. She returns to Karla to bring her along on the raid of the compound, and the watch captain agrees.
After breaching the compound and setting off a few traps, the pair confronts the svartalf. More interested in discussion than fighting, he introduces himself as Havarisenian Kalajek and claims that he was not responsible for the deaths of the Harlequin guild. The assassin, he claims, was a well-known assassin from the south named Flint. “Jek” claims that he was hired by the Harlequin guild to kill Flint, who had been contracted to eliminate them after the guild stumbled upon a connection between Isaac Alvain and the siege of Velothi. Karla is satisfied that neither Jek or Yope is the killer, and Jek agrees to share the information he has if Yope will continue about her business and act as bait to draw out Flint.

I think we may have stumbled upon the true nature of the siege of Velothi in the south, and it has some terrifying implications. The armoured individuals described seem to be the Judges of old. Whether they have persisted in obscurity all this time or have recently re-awoken, we do not know.

What is known, however, is that two of them are currently in Orness. Byram, one of St. Lucian’s Sentinels is one. He opposes any arguement that aid should be given to Velothi, and now we know why. We’ve observed him meeting on several occasions with Isaac Alvain, the Queen’s chiefest knight and her steward in Orness while she is at the winter palace in Deepcrest. We believe Isaac to be a second Judge, if not more.

Though he was the leader of a mercenary company in the east before coming to these lands, little else regarding his background is public knowledge. But it’s his actions since arriving in Orness that we should find disturbing. After spending his first six months as Queen’s North at court, he quit court to go questing. He has spent the three years since very rarely at court except in the winter. During the spring and summer leading to the siege of Velothi, no one heard even a hint of his whereabouts or activities. While he claims this time was spent patrolling the countryside, it is no great assumption to say that he was gathering his army of monsters to besiege human civilization.

Why would the Judges, who were once protectors of Eldin, now orchestrate the end of humanity within our borders? Are these the same people who defended us of old, or are they a more recent incarnation of that office? And if, as we believe, each Judge represents one of the major arcana of a card deck (the heraldic armour of two of them clearly indicates the Emperor and Justice), why were there only ever six of them? Were there once more?

Frostmoon 17 – Yope continues her item collection for Svadin, returning to the guild to turn in the information she received from Jek and to see what Caleb and Jack were able to discover regarding Abbot Bernard. Variel ponders how this newfound knowledge could benefit the guild, and Jack and Caleb have a schedule of Abbot Bernard’s activities prepared for Yope. She uses this to steal his key while he relaxes at the bath house.
With all of the items she requested, Svadin asks Yope to descend to the floor of the lake and seek out a monolithic temple. She sends Yope with a pendant to place on a broken throne in the most inaccessible room of the temple and assures Yope that the structure will contain enough treasure to make the swim worth her while.
With the prospect of a virtually inaccessible dungeon to crawl, Yope formulates a plan to teleport in Jek after she’s inside the temple. Jek agrees, but only if she’ll make herself a particularly appealing target to Flint first. Seeking her guild’s help, Yope finds Variel surprisingly excited by the prospect of spreading the word that Red Dragon is using her to move against Isaac and Byram, a Sentinel who is acting out of accordance with his order. The guild works through the night to plant this news throughout Orness while Yope rests up for her mission.

Frostmoon 18 – A fishing vessel agrees to drop Yope in the middle of the lake (provided she also accepts a barrel to float on when she changes her mind), and she descends to the lake bed. She soon finds the temple and enters it through an improbable moon pool.
Yope proceeds through the temple’s multi-leveled puzzles, finding sculpted stone representations of the major arcana and disturbing murals depicting the death of the god Eldin as she goes (and a reasonable amount of treasure, too). In the final chamber, she places Svadin’s pendant as instructed and turns to find Flint sealing the door to force a life-or-death confrontation. Yope summons Jek, and the two work together to overcome the legendary assassin. Yope loots his equipment (and blood) before returning to the surface. She gates Jek back to his rented compound along with her treasure, and he departs, leaving her the keys to the house and offering its use until his rental expires in spring.

Session 23, Frostmoon 13-14

Frostmoon 13 – Yope and Lad discuss her plans to free her cousin from wrongful imprisonment. Lad loans her a Ring of Spellbinding that will double the duration of her Disguise Self spell. After determining that she’ll need help and all of her gear, Yope takes the form of Cooper and returns to her place to find a very confused Caleb guarding her stuff. Caleb rounds up Yope’s friends in the guild, and the crew hatches a plan to free the catfolk. Execution of this plan, however, proved somewhat different than expected, and while Cooper and the three imprisoned catfolk fled the city headed east, Yope had to sacrifice her freedom for theirs. She was surrounded by the watch and imprisoned.

Frostmoon 14 – In the morning, watch captain Karla comes to Yope and questions her briefly about the events that took place at Harlequin guild’s hideout. Convinced already that Yope and Will weren’t the responsible parties, Karla frees Yope, believing her to be the most likely way to find the actual culprit.
Yope escapes prison with Karla’s help and returns to the Red Dragon. Her welcome is a bit less than warm, though her friends help her find a quiet place to sleep so that she can prepare her disguise spells again. They wish her luck but can’t do much more than that.
Now disguised, Yope looks for a way to make her human form more permanent, but neither Noah or Lad can offer her anything. Lad, however, informs her that the disappearing trick her actual assassin pulled was unique to the fey, though a fey mass murderer does seem strange to him.
Seeking knowledge of the fey and intending to further a side job, Yope returns to Svadin, who gratefully accepts the boots and tells her of a fey hollow located on the other side of the lake. Svadin assumes that she’ll be accompanying Yope (and likely wouldn’t have taken no for an answer), and the pair rest up before they set out for the fey lair in the morning. Yope, characteristically, steals Svadin’s basin of warm water to take a long overdue bath.

Session 22, Frostmoon 10-13
A Reversal of Fortune

Frostmoon 10 – Yope is tasked with convincing a rogue to leave Red Dragon territory. After finding the stalking ground of this particular rogue, Yope decides to use her cousin Maia as bait to bring him out of hiding. Maia is suspicious but agrees to go out on the town with Yope. Yope, feeling a sudden attack of conscience, decides to use a poorly disguised Jack as bait instead. Despite Jack’s failings, Yope finds her rogue rogue and makes a note of his face.
While out with Maia (who rather hits it off with Cooper at Esau’s Cup), Yope learns of someone who has been walking across rivers in the river district. Maia points her to the location in which she saw this individual, and Yope and Caleb investigate the mill wheel later that night. They uncover a cache of gold and useful items which they sell at Lad’s before splitting their stolen gold.

Frostmoon 11 – After sleeping in very late, Yope decides to put in some time at the local library, learning what she can about her sorcerous heritage. To this end, she creates for herself another persona, a wealthy catfolk noble wintering in Orness. She rents a room in a nearby boardinghouse with some of the gold she acquired from robbing the cache behind the mill wheel and returns to Lad’s. There she acquires the Gillmask Svadin needs and runs into her rival rogue.
After following her quarry to the Room and Board inn, Yope confronts him in the upstairs hallway and, with a little help from Cooper, convinces him to leave Orness. She then returns to Svadin to fill her in on what items she has acquired and what she has discovered about what she doesn’t have.

Frostmoon 12 – Awakening as her wealthy self in her newly rented room, Yope joins the other guests for breakfast and talks politics for some time. Enjoying her time as this aristocratic woman, Yope petitions Clara for additional upscale clothing so that she may continue the deception without looking suspicious for always wearing the same thing.
Back at guild hall, Yope arranges for Jack and Caleb to follow Abbot Bernard for a while to learn his routines so that she can acquire his key. She also learns that the man who walked across water was a member of the Harlequin guild. Variel, her guild leader, tells her where their guild house can be found, and she and Will investigate.
What they find, however, is smoldering furniture and ten dead guild members. While Will and Yope loot the bodies and Yope lays claim to her coveted boots, a captain in the city watch arrives. Jack hits her from behind, but not before she gets a look at Yope. The pair flee and return to guild hall, avoiding further confrontation with the watch.

Frostmoon 13 – Caleb awakens Yope several hours before dawn and tells her that the watch is rounding up catfolk and that she has been asked to disassociate herself from the guild for a while. Yope heads out to her rented room on the other side of town to find the watch already gaining entry. Hoping to bluff her way out of the situation, Yope climbs in through her room’s window and assumes her wealthy guise. The watch are unmoved by her protests and take her to be imprisoned while they sort out the mass murder of the Harlequin guild. Yope escapes en route and goes to ground in some secret chambers under Lad’s. It’s there that she realizes that Maia must have been rounded up and imprisoned, too.

Session 20-21, Frostmoon 8-9
Stealing and Swapping

Frostmoon 8 – After running some errands in the morning, Yope scouts the temple of St. Lucian and eventually makes her way to the basement library. There she uses Acid Splash to disable the lock keeping the oldest known copy of The Trials of St. Lucian out of prying hands. She switches the tomes and takes the real one to Svadin at the Open Door. Yope then goes to the bathhouse to relax and think over what she’s done and overhears a terse conversation. She can discern two male voices but not who they might be.

Frostmoon 9 – Yope is called in to guild headquarters and tasked with stealing a ring from the mistress of the owner of her favourite bathhouse and swapping it with the ring he’d intended to give her. She begins investigating methods of keeping people alseep, and ends up with a blend of herbs from Rosa, the guild’s healer and potion brewer.
That night, Yope ascends the complex in which her target lives, successfully keeps her asleep and swaps the rings.
When she returns to Svadin that night, Svadin comments that the only difference between the copy of Trials that Yope got her and the one widely circulated by the faith of St. Lucian is a reference to descending when he assumed the mantle of godhood, whereas current belief is that he ascended. Svadin then gives Yope a list of three items she needs to acquire: a Gillmask for breathing underwater, a pair of boots that allow free movement atop water and the solid gold key from the ring of Abbot Bernard of the temple of St. Lucian.

Session 19, Frostmoon 6-7
Bigger and Better Things

Frostmoon 6 – Yope and her merry band take differing paths to the docks in order to scout the safest path back to the guildhouse. Unfortunately, their preferred route is being watched by Ragged Sky guild members, indicating that they may be moving the shipment of weapons soon. The crew chooses a different path and is forced to double back several times in order to avoid members of Ragged Sky.
Finally, after Ragged Sky learns of the theft of their shipment, the crew is forced to confront them at a bottleneck just out of reach of the Red Dragon guildhouse. Yope instead chooses to push the city watch in the direction of the unofficial roadblock, forcing a confrontation between the the watch and Ragged Sky. In the confusion, the cart and its caretakers slip by and are home free.
Will Ryan, needing help with a more dangerous job than he’s used to, recruits Yope to help him steal a jeweled box from a group of elven mercenaries camped outside Orness. Yope agrees and reluctantly brings Cooper in on the job, as well. Cooper creates some makeup for Yope to make her appear undead, and she employs some magic to further the effect. The loan of a shield spelled to deflect arrows promises Yope protection from the elven watchmen. The elves pursue her while Will sneaks over their makeshift fortifications and Cooper throws explosives at the front of their camp. All parties reunite at Esau’s Cup, though Cooper is a bit late arriving.
Frostmoon 7 – Noticing her string of successes, Variel hands off some extremely delicate guild work to Yope and instructs her to meet a contact at the Open Door tavern later that night. Yope spends the day working on costuming and makeup to disguise herself and perhaps seed sightings of more catfolk in Orness than actually live there.
Yope arrives at the Open Door which she discovers doubles as the Empty Mark guild’s headquarters. She and her contact meet and discuss the specifics of the job: Yope is to steal the oldest known copy of “The Trials of St. Lucian” and replace it with a decoy. Yope’s incredulity and reluctance forces her contact, a bard named Svadin, to admit that she wants to compare the old copy to those being circulated by the church today. Yope agrees, though she is reluctant to act against St. Lucian.

Session 18, Frostmoon 5
Smuggler's Blues

Frostmoon 5 – Yope flees the smugglers and lives to fight another day. She returns to the guildhouse and reports to Variel, who instructs her to find out more about the shipment. In the morning, Yope snoops around town, eventually questioning Lad, who suspects the weapons have something to do with one side or the other of the conflict in Velothi. Yope moves from there to the docks where several hours of snooping uncover a similar cart. She confirms that it’s filled with simple weapons and reports back to Variel. Yope, at the guild’s request, assembles Jack, Corin and two un-guilded carters to steal the shipment from what appears to be the Ragged Sky Syndicate.

Session 17, Frostmoon 3-4

Frostmoon 3 – Jack and Yope steal a leather bound bundle from the Wayfarer’s Inn, and Yope spends the rest of the night playing with cards before heading to bed.

Frostmoon 4 – After drinking some coffee, Yope checks in with the guild and is assigned some art theft work. She gathers Corin and Caleb to help her with the heist and gets dinner and a bath while she waits for night to fall. The trio break in through a window and steal the painting along with some odds and ends they come across in the house. On the way back to the guildhouse, Corin and Yope stop off to investigate a cart being smuggled through town, and Yope is spotted by a rear guard assisting in the smuggling.

Session 16, Frostmoon 3

Frostmoon 3 – Yope has the day off, so she gathers some friends from her neighbourhood and goes for coffee at Pike’s. She and Maya talk for a bit before doing some window shopping. She then goes to the temple and stands in line to pray at the altar. At dinner at Esau’s Cup, she works the room before picking up a late-night job stealing a package from a traveler staying at the Wayfarer’s Inn.


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