Eldin is located in and defined by a massive valley containing three primary basins referred to as north, south and central lakes. On its western border, Eldin is separated from Brixton by nearly impassable mountains through which is only one defined pass. It’s southern and eastern borders are defined by forested mountains separating it from Kalare and Mizushiman territories respectively. Travellers in these mountains are rare, due to difficult terrain and the monstrous and bizarre races that live there. Eldin’s northern lake separates it from the untamed lands beyond, though ferry travel across the lake is becoming more commonplace.

The valley defined by these mountains is primarily composed of plains and ringed by forests. Though not an indistrialized nation by Brixtonian or Kalaran standards, deforestation is partially responsible for the dearth of forests in Eldin, though the somewhat arid cliamate plays a larger role.

Most of Eldin’s rainfall occurrs along one of its mountainous borders and flows to rivers and eventually lakes from there. Rain in the more central valley region might occur three or four times a month. Eldin is located in a temperate zone, with harsher winters in the north and at higher elevations. Southern settlements such as Deepcrest receive only moderate snowfall (partially due to a corresponding lack of rainfall), while the northern fishing village of Crystalwyn often receives in excess of 36 inches of snowfall in a single winter.

Map of Eldin photo Eldin.png


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