Orness – A castle and city situated on the shore of Eldin’s central basin. Also Eldin’s oldest walled city.

Deepcrest – A magical metropolis located on an island in the southern lake.

Velothi – A thriving center of trade between Eldin, Brixton and, with a little magical help, the rest of the world.

The Iron Hills – A single keep and collection of settlements in the north-western mountains, noted for the ores it produces.

Crystalwyn – A tiny fishing village on the shore of the north lake that has recently seen some economic expansion.

Border Outpost – Once a warfront, now just a border town between Brixton and Eldin.

Maplehurst – A village that makes its fortune from Eldin’s treacherous western forests.

Fairburn – Little more than a waystation halfway between Brixton and Orness with a few inns and taverns.


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