Eldin Campaign

Session 1, Coolingmoon 1
Of Pickpockets and Boars
Tamera was awakened by the arrival of a large block of marble to Yasani’s studio across the street. She then spent several hours around town, shopping and catching up on events until Gerik came back into town. The two planned to meet outside Velothi’s south gate, but Tamera was accosted by a cutpurse on her way out of town. A confrontation ensued, and Tamera defeated the would-be thief who was then carried off by Aldaril guild guards. Gerik and Tamera continued their pursuit of the boar, eventually tracking and killing it. They returned to the city and spent the evening with Gerik’s friends at his loft.
Session 2, Coolingmoon 2-4
Corvan Family and Gnolls
News of Tamera’s battle with the cutpurse made its way to Velothi’s upper classes, and Tamera was summoned by her mother to question her about the incident. The pair then went to St. Lucian’s temple to have the local clerics tend to Tamera’s wounds, and Tamera observed some odd occurrences in and around the temple. Brinn Corvan, having also learned of Tamera’s more adventurous side, asked Tamera to meet with him. He asked her to discreetly look into the serial loss of gems from his guild warehouse. Tamera spent the night in the warehouse and observed a cat entering the eaves by way of a plank. The warehouse door was opened, and the cat, having sighted Tamera, exited the building. Tamera reported her findings the next morning, and Corvan shared his suspicions that Tomlin, a local rogue and adventurer, might be to blame. After getting a few hours of sleep, Tamera questioned Tomlin at The Laughing Jackass, his favourite haunt. Tomlin plead ignorance, both of the jewel theft and the occurrences at the temple but agreed, for a price, to look into the temple’s disturbances. During the course of investigating who might have access to highly trained cats, Tamera learned that Adria Corvan, Brinn’s daughter, both had been publically slighted by her father and had a close connection to several pet cats. When she confronted Corvan with her suspicions, however, Tamera was paid the agreed upon price and removed from the investigation. Dejected, Tamera returned home to Gerik’s, where the two swapped stories of what they’d done for the past two days. When Gerik learned of the thefts, he suggested he and Tamera locate the plank used to allow Adria’s cat into the warehouse. The pair took up positions outside the warehouse and waited, and eventually Adria and her cat were discovered at the warehouse’s front door with a pair of sleeping guards. After a brief scuffle with Adria, Tamera fired her gun to alert all and sundry to the break-in. Blame was sorted out at the Corvan mannor, and Tamera and Gerik were paid both for their services and their silence. After sleeping in late the next morning, Gerik went out hunting while Tamera answered a summons from her sister. The Aldaril guild’s lieutenant berated Tamera for having fired her gun within the city on multiple occasions and assigned Tamera to investigate some mines the guild was looking into purchashing rights to re-open. Still reeling from the confrontation with her sister, Tamera rode out of town several miles and shot targets for a time before a trio of gnolls took notice of her. She then met Gerik back in town, and the two of them returned to do battle with the gnolls. They slew all three and collected the offered bounty before treating themselves to an unusually rich meal out. During this meal, Tamera was able to check in with Tomlin, who had investigated the goings-on at the temple and concluded that they were due to a haunting of some kind.
Session 3, Coolingmoon 5-6
Mine Clearing
Tamera journeyed to the mine her sister had asked her to investigate, but relented when she found a variety of strange creatures living inside. On her way back to Velothi, she encountered her sister and a trio of her father’s guards. Her sister admitted that she’d only sent Tamera to the mine to scare her into acting more responsibly, and Tamera was able to use her sister’s guilt to secure support for the clearing of the mine. Back in town, Tamera inverviewed candidates for her mine clearing crew, but only Svadin, a local bard, was hired. Svadin and Tamera met the next morning at Quottle’s Alchemy to purchase supplies and headed back to the mine. Inside, the pair confronted five strix warriors who, through liberal use of Comprehend Languages spells, told the pair that they were there hunting a troll that had been venturing from the mines to prey on their people. Tamera and Svadin agreed to help them fight the troll. The battle against the troll didn’t go well, with several strix being injured and little progress made toward defeating the troll. Tamera used her potions to heal the wounded strix and decided to go back to town to gather more information regarding the slaying of trolls.
Session 4, Coolingmoon 6-10

6 – Finished the mines.

7 – Contracted for Frieburg.

8 – After sleeping in late, Tamera received a message from Freiburg asking her to meet him in the alley behind The Laughing Rogue

9 – Tamera spent the day upgrading her weapon to masterwork status.

10 – Tamera and Gerik travel to Fairburn to catch up with the caravan but find a paladin of St. Lucian being attacked by gnolls on the road. They aid the paladin, who was badly wounded, and bring him to Fairburn with them.

Session 5, Coolingmoon 11-15
A bit of downtime

11 – Tamera and party begin the return journey from Fairburn with their new paladin acquaintance in tow. He divulges to Tamera that he thinks the shrine she found in the mines might be a heretical temple that he must now destroy.

12 – Tamera’s party is attacked by giant spiders and then gnolls, indicating that gnolls are using more profound tactical cunning than previously thought possible. They nonetheless arrive back in Velothi by nightfall, and Tamera reports to her sister.

13 – Tamera spends the day reconnecting with her acquaintances in Velothi and discovers that Tretina has departed the city on trading business. She also looks into the viability of purchasing a house that she can expand into a gunsmithing workshop.

14 – After sleeping in a bit, Tamera locates Svadin and the pair agree to explore the location revealed to Svadin by the book they acquired in the mine chapel. They traveled for the latter half of the day and made camp within the ruined temple structure.

15 – Tamera and Svadin begin their exploration of the temple’s inner sanctum.

Session 6, Coolingmoon 15
Temple of Balance

Tamera and Svadin explore the ruins and decide it is a proving ground of sorts for a goddess of balance. At the end of many trials and puzzles, they discover an amazing mural of a woman pouring the contents of one jar into another. Beneath the mural sits a broken throne. The pair return to Velothi, puzzled by their experiences.

Session 7, Coolingmoon 16-19
Tretina Missing

16 – Tamera meets with an agent about purchasing her new house. After completing the purchase, she hires some folks to begin remodeling it. She then meets with Jarl Warren about Tretina’s disappearance from Maplehurst.

17 – After riding all day to Maplehurst, Tamera is forced to make camp a short distance from the town.

18 – Tamera arrives in Maplehurst and spends the day searching the woods with an inquisitor named Verrin. Their search is fruitless, and they return to the inn. There Tamera meets one of the queen’s knights, Aaron Gannisan, who has also been sent to quiet the unrest in the area. Tamera recommends setting a watch overnight, but both cavalier and inquisitor are dismissive of her idea. Tamera awakens in the night to find a large bear investigating the inn. She and her companions injured it before it retreated north.

19 – With Aaron Gannisan’s help, Tamera tracks the bear deep into the northern forest where they find Verrin waiting praying over the corpses of perhaps 20 people who have apparently been sacrificed to a large tree, none of whom were Tretina. A druid and her bear companion appeared and did battle with the party. In the end, the pair was slain, and Tamera’s party collected the bodies of the townspeople and returned them to Maplehurst.

Session 8, Coolingmoon 20 - Harvestmoon 3
A little more downtime and some re-visiting

Coolingmoon 20 – Tamera departs Maplehurst, following the caravan tracks south toward Velothi.

Harvestmoon 1 – Continuing to follow the tracks south, Tamera encounters a griffon. She scares it off with a combination of gunfire and intimidation. She returns to Velothi to learn that Tretina actually went toward Brixton, not Maplehurst.

Harvestmoon 2 – Gerik and Tamera disagree about the importance of pursuing Tretina, now that they both believe that she has eloped with a lesser member of the Warren guild. Tamera decides to accompany Gerik after leaving a report for Jarl Warren. They investigate the griffon’s hunting grounds and the temple, but Gerik was unable to pass its trials. The pair return to Velothi with another ancient book and move into Tamera’s new place.

Harvestmoon 3 – Tamera spends the day purchasing furniture and getting her new book translated.

Session 9, Harvestmoon 4-6
The Lovers

Harvestmoon 4 – The pair explore the location marked on their map and pass The Lovers’ trial.

Harvestmoon 5 – Tamera and Gerik return to Velothi to more rumours of werewolf attacks. Tamera decides to investigate the attacks and finds that young boys have been paid to blow wolf-sounding horns from rooftops at regular intervals.

Harvestmoon 6 – After being summoned and berated by her mother, Tamera retreats to the Laughing Jackass and trades information with a few clerics who have been sent to investigate the Heirophant’s shrine. She then spends the rest of the day asking around town about the werewolf attacks.

Session 10, Harvestmoon 7-8

Harvestmoon 7 – Tamera investigates the strange occurrences at the Temple of St. Lucian and then seeks out Svadin. She’s approached by a mysterious stranger, and the pair exchange information on the strange goings-on in Velothi and the temples Tamera’s been investigating. Using this information and a borrowed cutlass, Tamera seeks out the werewolf, who turns out to be a hired thug attempting to fake the werewolf attacks.

Harvestmoon 8 – After consulting her sister regarding her suspicions about Jarl Warren, Tamera consults with Lyra about the problems at the church, learning that it’s likely a monaciello. She then shares her suspicions with the bishop who agrees to install cold iron around the temple to discourage fey incursion. She and Gerik spend the evening studying Ancient Eldin to aid in their archeological pursuits. They are awakened in the night by a gnollish incursion in which some of the city’s inhabitants were taken hostage. Gerik and Tamera pursue them.


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