Eldin Campaign

Session 23, Frostmoon 13-14

Frostmoon 13 – Yope and Lad discuss her plans to free her cousin from wrongful imprisonment. Lad loans her a Ring of Spellbinding that will double the duration of her Disguise Self spell. After determining that she’ll need help and all of her gear, Yope takes the form of Cooper and returns to her place to find a very confused Caleb guarding her stuff. Caleb rounds up Yope’s friends in the guild, and the crew hatches a plan to free the catfolk. Execution of this plan, however, proved somewhat different than expected, and while Cooper and the three imprisoned catfolk fled the city headed east, Yope had to sacrifice her freedom for theirs. She was surrounded by the watch and imprisoned.

Frostmoon 14 – In the morning, watch captain Karla comes to Yope and questions her briefly about the events that took place at Harlequin guild’s hideout. Convinced already that Yope and Will weren’t the responsible parties, Karla frees Yope, believing her to be the most likely way to find the actual culprit.
Yope escapes prison with Karla’s help and returns to the Red Dragon. Her welcome is a bit less than warm, though her friends help her find a quiet place to sleep so that she can prepare her disguise spells again. They wish her luck but can’t do much more than that.
Now disguised, Yope looks for a way to make her human form more permanent, but neither Noah or Lad can offer her anything. Lad, however, informs her that the disappearing trick her actual assassin pulled was unique to the fey, though a fey mass murderer does seem strange to him.
Seeking knowledge of the fey and intending to further a side job, Yope returns to Svadin, who gratefully accepts the boots and tells her of a fey hollow located on the other side of the lake. Svadin assumes that she’ll be accompanying Yope (and likely wouldn’t have taken no for an answer), and the pair rest up before they set out for the fey lair in the morning. Yope, characteristically, steals Svadin’s basin of warm water to take a long overdue bath.

Session 22, Frostmoon 10-13
A Reversal of Fortune

Frostmoon 10 – Yope is tasked with convincing a rogue to leave Red Dragon territory. After finding the stalking ground of this particular rogue, Yope decides to use her cousin Maia as bait to bring him out of hiding. Maia is suspicious but agrees to go out on the town with Yope. Yope, feeling a sudden attack of conscience, decides to use a poorly disguised Jack as bait instead. Despite Jack’s failings, Yope finds her rogue rogue and makes a note of his face.
While out with Maia (who rather hits it off with Cooper at Esau’s Cup), Yope learns of someone who has been walking across rivers in the river district. Maia points her to the location in which she saw this individual, and Yope and Caleb investigate the mill wheel later that night. They uncover a cache of gold and useful items which they sell at Lad’s before splitting their stolen gold.

Frostmoon 11 – After sleeping in very late, Yope decides to put in some time at the local library, learning what she can about her sorcerous heritage. To this end, she creates for herself another persona, a wealthy catfolk noble wintering in Orness. She rents a room in a nearby boardinghouse with some of the gold she acquired from robbing the cache behind the mill wheel and returns to Lad’s. There she acquires the Gillmask Svadin needs and runs into her rival rogue.
After following her quarry to the Room and Board inn, Yope confronts him in the upstairs hallway and, with a little help from Cooper, convinces him to leave Orness. She then returns to Svadin to fill her in on what items she has acquired and what she has discovered about what she doesn’t have.

Frostmoon 12 – Awakening as her wealthy self in her newly rented room, Yope joins the other guests for breakfast and talks politics for some time. Enjoying her time as this aristocratic woman, Yope petitions Clara for additional upscale clothing so that she may continue the deception without looking suspicious for always wearing the same thing.
Back at guild hall, Yope arranges for Jack and Caleb to follow Abbot Bernard for a while to learn his routines so that she can acquire his key. She also learns that the man who walked across water was a member of the Harlequin guild. Variel, her guild leader, tells her where their guild house can be found, and she and Will investigate.
What they find, however, is smoldering furniture and ten dead guild members. While Will and Yope loot the bodies and Yope lays claim to her coveted boots, a captain in the city watch arrives. Jack hits her from behind, but not before she gets a look at Yope. The pair flee and return to guild hall, avoiding further confrontation with the watch.

Frostmoon 13 – Caleb awakens Yope several hours before dawn and tells her that the watch is rounding up catfolk and that she has been asked to disassociate herself from the guild for a while. Yope heads out to her rented room on the other side of town to find the watch already gaining entry. Hoping to bluff her way out of the situation, Yope climbs in through her room’s window and assumes her wealthy guise. The watch are unmoved by her protests and take her to be imprisoned while they sort out the mass murder of the Harlequin guild. Yope escapes en route and goes to ground in some secret chambers under Lad’s. It’s there that she realizes that Maia must have been rounded up and imprisoned, too.

Session 20-21, Frostmoon 8-9
Stealing and Swapping

Frostmoon 8 – After running some errands in the morning, Yope scouts the temple of St. Lucian and eventually makes her way to the basement library. There she uses Acid Splash to disable the lock keeping the oldest known copy of The Trials of St. Lucian out of prying hands. She switches the tomes and takes the real one to Svadin at the Open Door. Yope then goes to the bathhouse to relax and think over what she’s done and overhears a terse conversation. She can discern two male voices but not who they might be.

Frostmoon 9 – Yope is called in to guild headquarters and tasked with stealing a ring from the mistress of the owner of her favourite bathhouse and swapping it with the ring he’d intended to give her. She begins investigating methods of keeping people alseep, and ends up with a blend of herbs from Rosa, the guild’s healer and potion brewer.
That night, Yope ascends the complex in which her target lives, successfully keeps her asleep and swaps the rings.
When she returns to Svadin that night, Svadin comments that the only difference between the copy of Trials that Yope got her and the one widely circulated by the faith of St. Lucian is a reference to descending when he assumed the mantle of godhood, whereas current belief is that he ascended. Svadin then gives Yope a list of three items she needs to acquire: a Gillmask for breathing underwater, a pair of boots that allow free movement atop water and the solid gold key from the ring of Abbot Bernard of the temple of St. Lucian.

Session 19, Frostmoon 6-7
Bigger and Better Things

Frostmoon 6 – Yope and her merry band take differing paths to the docks in order to scout the safest path back to the guildhouse. Unfortunately, their preferred route is being watched by Ragged Sky guild members, indicating that they may be moving the shipment of weapons soon. The crew chooses a different path and is forced to double back several times in order to avoid members of Ragged Sky.
Finally, after Ragged Sky learns of the theft of their shipment, the crew is forced to confront them at a bottleneck just out of reach of the Red Dragon guildhouse. Yope instead chooses to push the city watch in the direction of the unofficial roadblock, forcing a confrontation between the the watch and Ragged Sky. In the confusion, the cart and its caretakers slip by and are home free.
Will Ryan, needing help with a more dangerous job than he’s used to, recruits Yope to help him steal a jeweled box from a group of elven mercenaries camped outside Orness. Yope agrees and reluctantly brings Cooper in on the job, as well. Cooper creates some makeup for Yope to make her appear undead, and she employs some magic to further the effect. The loan of a shield spelled to deflect arrows promises Yope protection from the elven watchmen. The elves pursue her while Will sneaks over their makeshift fortifications and Cooper throws explosives at the front of their camp. All parties reunite at Esau’s Cup, though Cooper is a bit late arriving.
Frostmoon 7 – Noticing her string of successes, Variel hands off some extremely delicate guild work to Yope and instructs her to meet a contact at the Open Door tavern later that night. Yope spends the day working on costuming and makeup to disguise herself and perhaps seed sightings of more catfolk in Orness than actually live there.
Yope arrives at the Open Door which she discovers doubles as the Empty Mark guild’s headquarters. She and her contact meet and discuss the specifics of the job: Yope is to steal the oldest known copy of “The Trials of St. Lucian” and replace it with a decoy. Yope’s incredulity and reluctance forces her contact, a bard named Svadin, to admit that she wants to compare the old copy to those being circulated by the church today. Yope agrees, though she is reluctant to act against St. Lucian.

Session 18, Frostmoon 5
Smuggler's Blues

Frostmoon 5 – Yope flees the smugglers and lives to fight another day. She returns to the guildhouse and reports to Variel, who instructs her to find out more about the shipment. In the morning, Yope snoops around town, eventually questioning Lad, who suspects the weapons have something to do with one side or the other of the conflict in Velothi. Yope moves from there to the docks where several hours of snooping uncover a similar cart. She confirms that it’s filled with simple weapons and reports back to Variel. Yope, at the guild’s request, assembles Jack, Corin and two un-guilded carters to steal the shipment from what appears to be the Ragged Sky Syndicate.

Session 17, Frostmoon 3-4

Frostmoon 3 – Jack and Yope steal a leather bound bundle from the Wayfarer’s Inn, and Yope spends the rest of the night playing with cards before heading to bed.

Frostmoon 4 – After drinking some coffee, Yope checks in with the guild and is assigned some art theft work. She gathers Corin and Caleb to help her with the heist and gets dinner and a bath while she waits for night to fall. The trio break in through a window and steal the painting along with some odds and ends they come across in the house. On the way back to the guildhouse, Corin and Yope stop off to investigate a cart being smuggled through town, and Yope is spotted by a rear guard assisting in the smuggling.

Session 16, Frostmoon 3

Frostmoon 3 – Yope has the day off, so she gathers some friends from her neighbourhood and goes for coffee at Pike’s. She and Maya talk for a bit before doing some window shopping. She then goes to the temple and stands in line to pray at the altar. At dinner at Esau’s Cup, she works the room before picking up a late-night job stealing a package from a traveler staying at the Wayfarer’s Inn.

Session 15, Harvestmoon 16-17, Frostmoon 3
Dragon Attack

Harvestmoon 16 – After watching the dragon incinerate half of their militia (along with the gnolls they were fighting), Tamera and Gerik pursue the dragon as it single-mindedly flies for Velothi. With repeated attacks to its wings, they ground the dragon for a few rounds of combat at a time, eventually slaying the beast within sight of Velothi’s walls. Gerik harvests a few pieces of the dragon, while Tamera’s fading adrenaline causes her to finally succumb to exhaustion.

Harvestmoon 17 – Tamera awakens in her family home attended by a handful of guards and healers. She, Gerik, Quintus, Svadin and Quintus’s mageknights make preparations to assault Isaac’s base. While the mageknights move for the palisade, Tamera and company investigate the temple. After a short conversation with Isaac, the three begin exploring the antechamber. Tamera’s holy symbol activates a glyph in the floor, and Gerik calls out to her. When she turns, she is struck by an arrow and loses consciousness.

Frostmoon 3 – Antiope awakens in her third-floor apartment.

Session 14, Harvestmoon 15-16

Harvestmoon 15 – Tamera meets with Quintus Hanildor while Svadin takes advantage of the Hanildor guild’s vast library. Quintus explains to Tamera that the “anti-paladin” calls himself Isaac and has taken Quintus’s youngest son hostage to secure the guild’s military support in his military action against Velothi. Quintus agrees to dedicate himself and five battlemages to Tamera’s cause if she can lead him to Isaac’s base of operations. The two discuss strategy, and Tamera and Svadin research the nature of Isaac and his armour wearing comrades and connect them to the legendary judges. At the Temple of St. Lucian, Tamera and her archaeologist friend trade more information, and Quintus and his men prepare to depart for Velothi under cover of darkness. En route, Svadin deciphers the parchments found with Ilmari and tells Tamera of Isaac’s likely next action against Velothi.

Harvestmoon 16 – While Quintus and his battlemages accompany Svadin back to Velothi, Tamera gets a bit lost on her way to disrupt Isaac’s summoning ritual. She eventually stumbles into the camp where the ritual is being performed and is forced to flee for Velothi. When she arrives there, Gerik and Aldrick are waiting for her, and the three assemble a strike team to assault the ten or so gnolls guarding the ritual site. As luck would have it, the party sights the dragon rising from the ground and a party of gnolls approaching them as they near the site.

Session 13, Harvestmoon 14
Gun Recovery

Harvestmoon 14 – Having learned the location of Ilmari (who stole her gun) from “anti-paladin,” Tamera assembles her group and investigates the Queen’s winter palace. They eventually find Ilmari and he is killed in the ensuing struggle. After explaining her actions to the constabulary, Tamera presents her case to the Ruling Circle and forges a relationship with Quintus Hanildor, leader of a mercanry wizard guild. She and Svadin are invited to remain at the Hanildor compound for the duration of their stay in Deepcrest.


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