Eldin Campaign

Session 18, Frostmoon 5
Smuggler's Blues

Frostmoon 5 – Yope flees the smugglers and lives to fight another day. She returns to the guildhouse and reports to Variel, who instructs her to find out more about the shipment. In the morning, Yope snoops around town, eventually questioning Lad, who suspects the weapons have something to do with one side or the other of the conflict in Velothi. Yope moves from there to the docks where several hours of snooping uncover a similar cart. She confirms that it’s filled with simple weapons and reports back to Variel. Yope, at the guild’s request, assembles Jack, Corin and two un-guilded carters to steal the shipment from what appears to be the Ragged Sky Syndicate.

Session 17, Frostmoon 3-4

Frostmoon 3 – Jack and Yope steal a leather bound bundle from the Wayfarer’s Inn, and Yope spends the rest of the night playing with cards before heading to bed.

Frostmoon 4 – After drinking some coffee, Yope checks in with the guild and is assigned some art theft work. She gathers Corin and Caleb to help her with the heist and gets dinner and a bath while she waits for night to fall. The trio break in through a window and steal the painting along with some odds and ends they come across in the house. On the way back to the guildhouse, Corin and Yope stop off to investigate a cart being smuggled through town, and Yope is spotted by a rear guard assisting in the smuggling.

Session 16, Frostmoon 3

Frostmoon 3 – Yope has the day off, so she gathers some friends from her neighbourhood and goes for coffee at Pike’s. She and Maya talk for a bit before doing some window shopping. She then goes to the temple and stands in line to pray at the altar. At dinner at Esau’s Cup, she works the room before picking up a late-night job stealing a package from a traveler staying at the Wayfarer’s Inn.

Session 15, Harvestmoon 16-17, Frostmoon 3
Dragon Attack

Harvestmoon 16 – After watching the dragon incinerate half of their militia (along with the gnolls they were fighting), Tamera and Gerik pursue the dragon as it single-mindedly flies for Velothi. With repeated attacks to its wings, they ground the dragon for a few rounds of combat at a time, eventually slaying the beast within sight of Velothi’s walls. Gerik harvests a few pieces of the dragon, while Tamera’s fading adrenaline causes her to finally succumb to exhaustion.

Harvestmoon 17 – Tamera awakens in her family home attended by a handful of guards and healers. She, Gerik, Quintus, Svadin and Quintus’s mageknights make preparations to assault Isaac’s base. While the mageknights move for the palisade, Tamera and company investigate the temple. After a short conversation with Isaac, the three begin exploring the antechamber. Tamera’s holy symbol activates a glyph in the floor, and Gerik calls out to her. When she turns, she is struck by an arrow and loses consciousness.

Frostmoon 3 – Antiope awakens in her third-floor apartment.

Session 14, Harvestmoon 15-16

Harvestmoon 15 – Tamera meets with Quintus Hanildor while Svadin takes advantage of the Hanildor guild’s vast library. Quintus explains to Tamera that the “anti-paladin” calls himself Isaac and has taken Quintus’s youngest son hostage to secure the guild’s military support in his military action against Velothi. Quintus agrees to dedicate himself and five battlemages to Tamera’s cause if she can lead him to Isaac’s base of operations. The two discuss strategy, and Tamera and Svadin research the nature of Isaac and his armour wearing comrades and connect them to the legendary judges. At the Temple of St. Lucian, Tamera and her archaeologist friend trade more information, and Quintus and his men prepare to depart for Velothi under cover of darkness. En route, Svadin deciphers the parchments found with Ilmari and tells Tamera of Isaac’s likely next action against Velothi.

Harvestmoon 16 – While Quintus and his battlemages accompany Svadin back to Velothi, Tamera gets a bit lost on her way to disrupt Isaac’s summoning ritual. She eventually stumbles into the camp where the ritual is being performed and is forced to flee for Velothi. When she arrives there, Gerik and Aldrick are waiting for her, and the three assemble a strike team to assault the ten or so gnolls guarding the ritual site. As luck would have it, the party sights the dragon rising from the ground and a party of gnolls approaching them as they near the site.

Session 13, Harvestmoon 14
Gun Recovery

Harvestmoon 14 – Having learned the location of Ilmari (who stole her gun) from “anti-paladin,” Tamera assembles her group and investigates the Queen’s winter palace. They eventually find Ilmari and he is killed in the ensuing struggle. After explaining her actions to the constabulary, Tamera presents her case to the Ruling Circle and forges a relationship with Quintus Hanildor, leader of a mercanry wizard guild. She and Svadin are invited to remain at the Hanildor compound for the duration of their stay in Deepcrest.

Session 12, Harvestmoon 11-14

Harvestmoon 11 – Svadin and Tamera set out for Deepcrest, and arrive in Surhaven by nightfall and spread the word of the rising gnoll army.

Harvestmoon 12 – Riding a ferry from Surhaven, the party arrives in Deepcrest a few hours after nightfall. They make contact with Jonas of the Blue Pearl guild and add themselves to the agenda for the Ruling Council’s meeting on the 14th before finding a room at the Seaside Inn for the night.

Harvestmoon 13 – After walking the length and breadth of Deepcrest island to get their bearings, Tamera and Svadin find that they have visited the Maker’s Guild (to discuss the sale of arms as special as Tamera’s gun), the Evocation Academy/Town Watch Headquarters (to report the crime and get their very own watchman) and the public library (where the fee was too high for either to gain admittance). Svadin wanders off to find a tavern to play in while Tamera asks around the seedier and more mechanically inclined parts of town and ends up incurring the wrath of a local thieves’ guild. She evades them and follows them back to their hideout, eventually bringing backup. The party breaks up the guild’s meeting, but the rogue with Tamera’s gun escapes.

Harvestmoon 14 – Tamera gets breakfast and shops for throwing knives before heading to the Town Watch to question the guild members taken in the previous night’s raid. On her way, she is intercepted by her “anti-paladin.”

Session 11, Harvestmoon 9-10
Gnoll Hunting

Harvestmoon 9 – Tamera and Gerik track the gnolls cross-country, only to find a budding settlement and fortress. They free the captives, but don’t have enough horses to get them all to safety. The pair is captured by the gnoll forces and their human commander, and Tamera is questioned about her holy symbol quite forcefully. They are then released to return to Velothi, the human leader being content with the information he gathered.

Harvestmoon 10 – After giving her report to the Velothi Trader’s Council, Gerik sets out for Orness to seek aid for Velothi against the rising gnoll army. Tamera teleports to Maplehurst to warn Verrin of the impending danger and returns home to find her gun stolen. She and Svadin prepare to depart for Deepcrest to seek aid for Velothi and to locate her missing gun.

Session 10, Harvestmoon 7-8

Harvestmoon 7 – Tamera investigates the strange occurrences at the Temple of St. Lucian and then seeks out Svadin. She’s approached by a mysterious stranger, and the pair exchange information on the strange goings-on in Velothi and the temples Tamera’s been investigating. Using this information and a borrowed cutlass, Tamera seeks out the werewolf, who turns out to be a hired thug attempting to fake the werewolf attacks.

Harvestmoon 8 – After consulting her sister regarding her suspicions about Jarl Warren, Tamera consults with Lyra about the problems at the church, learning that it’s likely a monaciello. She then shares her suspicions with the bishop who agrees to install cold iron around the temple to discourage fey incursion. She and Gerik spend the evening studying Ancient Eldin to aid in their archeological pursuits. They are awakened in the night by a gnollish incursion in which some of the city’s inhabitants were taken hostage. Gerik and Tamera pursue them.

Session 9, Harvestmoon 4-6
The Lovers

Harvestmoon 4 – The pair explore the location marked on their map and pass The Lovers’ trial.

Harvestmoon 5 – Tamera and Gerik return to Velothi to more rumours of werewolf attacks. Tamera decides to investigate the attacks and finds that young boys have been paid to blow wolf-sounding horns from rooftops at regular intervals.

Harvestmoon 6 – After being summoned and berated by her mother, Tamera retreats to the Laughing Jackass and trades information with a few clerics who have been sent to investigate the Heirophant’s shrine. She then spends the rest of the day asking around town about the werewolf attacks.


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