Eldin Campaign

Session 22, Frostmoon 10-13

A Reversal of Fortune

Frostmoon 10 – Yope is tasked with convincing a rogue to leave Red Dragon territory. After finding the stalking ground of this particular rogue, Yope decides to use her cousin Maia as bait to bring him out of hiding. Maia is suspicious but agrees to go out on the town with Yope. Yope, feeling a sudden attack of conscience, decides to use a poorly disguised Jack as bait instead. Despite Jack’s failings, Yope finds her rogue rogue and makes a note of his face.
While out with Maia (who rather hits it off with Cooper at Esau’s Cup), Yope learns of someone who has been walking across rivers in the river district. Maia points her to the location in which she saw this individual, and Yope and Caleb investigate the mill wheel later that night. They uncover a cache of gold and useful items which they sell at Lad’s before splitting their stolen gold.

Frostmoon 11 – After sleeping in very late, Yope decides to put in some time at the local library, learning what she can about her sorcerous heritage. To this end, she creates for herself another persona, a wealthy catfolk noble wintering in Orness. She rents a room in a nearby boardinghouse with some of the gold she acquired from robbing the cache behind the mill wheel and returns to Lad’s. There she acquires the Gillmask Svadin needs and runs into her rival rogue.
After following her quarry to the Room and Board inn, Yope confronts him in the upstairs hallway and, with a little help from Cooper, convinces him to leave Orness. She then returns to Svadin to fill her in on what items she has acquired and what she has discovered about what she doesn’t have.

Frostmoon 12 – Awakening as her wealthy self in her newly rented room, Yope joins the other guests for breakfast and talks politics for some time. Enjoying her time as this aristocratic woman, Yope petitions Clara for additional upscale clothing so that she may continue the deception without looking suspicious for always wearing the same thing.
Back at guild hall, Yope arranges for Jack and Caleb to follow Abbot Bernard for a while to learn his routines so that she can acquire his key. She also learns that the man who walked across water was a member of the Harlequin guild. Variel, her guild leader, tells her where their guild house can be found, and she and Will investigate.
What they find, however, is smoldering furniture and ten dead guild members. While Will and Yope loot the bodies and Yope lays claim to her coveted boots, a captain in the city watch arrives. Jack hits her from behind, but not before she gets a look at Yope. The pair flee and return to guild hall, avoiding further confrontation with the watch.

Frostmoon 13 – Caleb awakens Yope several hours before dawn and tells her that the watch is rounding up catfolk and that she has been asked to disassociate herself from the guild for a while. Yope heads out to her rented room on the other side of town to find the watch already gaining entry. Hoping to bluff her way out of the situation, Yope climbs in through her room’s window and assumes her wealthy guise. The watch are unmoved by her protests and take her to be imprisoned while they sort out the mass murder of the Harlequin guild. Yope escapes en route and goes to ground in some secret chambers under Lad’s. It’s there that she realizes that Maia must have been rounded up and imprisoned, too.



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