Eldin Campaign

Session 20-21, Frostmoon 8-9

Stealing and Swapping

Frostmoon 8 – After running some errands in the morning, Yope scouts the temple of St. Lucian and eventually makes her way to the basement library. There she uses Acid Splash to disable the lock keeping the oldest known copy of The Trials of St. Lucian out of prying hands. She switches the tomes and takes the real one to Svadin at the Open Door. Yope then goes to the bathhouse to relax and think over what she’s done and overhears a terse conversation. She can discern two male voices but not who they might be.

Frostmoon 9 – Yope is called in to guild headquarters and tasked with stealing a ring from the mistress of the owner of her favourite bathhouse and swapping it with the ring he’d intended to give her. She begins investigating methods of keeping people alseep, and ends up with a blend of herbs from Rosa, the guild’s healer and potion brewer.
That night, Yope ascends the complex in which her target lives, successfully keeps her asleep and swaps the rings.
When she returns to Svadin that night, Svadin comments that the only difference between the copy of Trials that Yope got her and the one widely circulated by the faith of St. Lucian is a reference to descending when he assumed the mantle of godhood, whereas current belief is that he ascended. Svadin then gives Yope a list of three items she needs to acquire: a Gillmask for breathing underwater, a pair of boots that allow free movement atop water and the solid gold key from the ring of Abbot Bernard of the temple of St. Lucian.



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