Eldin Campaign

Session 18, Frostmoon 5

Smuggler's Blues

Frostmoon 5 – Yope flees the smugglers and lives to fight another day. She returns to the guildhouse and reports to Variel, who instructs her to find out more about the shipment. In the morning, Yope snoops around town, eventually questioning Lad, who suspects the weapons have something to do with one side or the other of the conflict in Velothi. Yope moves from there to the docks where several hours of snooping uncover a similar cart. She confirms that it’s filled with simple weapons and reports back to Variel. Yope, at the guild’s request, assembles Jack, Corin and two un-guilded carters to steal the shipment from what appears to be the Ragged Sky Syndicate.



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