Eldin Campaign

Session 17, Frostmoon 3-4

Frostmoon 3 – Jack and Yope steal a leather bound bundle from the Wayfarer’s Inn, and Yope spends the rest of the night playing with cards before heading to bed.

Frostmoon 4 – After drinking some coffee, Yope checks in with the guild and is assigned some art theft work. She gathers Corin and Caleb to help her with the heist and gets dinner and a bath while she waits for night to fall. The trio break in through a window and steal the painting along with some odds and ends they come across in the house. On the way back to the guildhouse, Corin and Yope stop off to investigate a cart being smuggled through town, and Yope is spotted by a rear guard assisting in the smuggling.



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