Eldin Campaign

Session 19, Frostmoon 6-7

Bigger and Better Things

Frostmoon 6 – Yope and her merry band take differing paths to the docks in order to scout the safest path back to the guildhouse. Unfortunately, their preferred route is being watched by Ragged Sky guild members, indicating that they may be moving the shipment of weapons soon. The crew chooses a different path and is forced to double back several times in order to avoid members of Ragged Sky.
Finally, after Ragged Sky learns of the theft of their shipment, the crew is forced to confront them at a bottleneck just out of reach of the Red Dragon guildhouse. Yope instead chooses to push the city watch in the direction of the unofficial roadblock, forcing a confrontation between the the watch and Ragged Sky. In the confusion, the cart and its caretakers slip by and are home free.
Will Ryan, needing help with a more dangerous job than he’s used to, recruits Yope to help him steal a jeweled box from a group of elven mercenaries camped outside Orness. Yope agrees and reluctantly brings Cooper in on the job, as well. Cooper creates some makeup for Yope to make her appear undead, and she employs some magic to further the effect. The loan of a shield spelled to deflect arrows promises Yope protection from the elven watchmen. The elves pursue her while Will sneaks over their makeshift fortifications and Cooper throws explosives at the front of their camp. All parties reunite at Esau’s Cup, though Cooper is a bit late arriving.
Frostmoon 7 – Noticing her string of successes, Variel hands off some extremely delicate guild work to Yope and instructs her to meet a contact at the Open Door tavern later that night. Yope spends the day working on costuming and makeup to disguise herself and perhaps seed sightings of more catfolk in Orness than actually live there.
Yope arrives at the Open Door which she discovers doubles as the Empty Mark guild’s headquarters. She and her contact meet and discuss the specifics of the job: Yope is to steal the oldest known copy of “The Trials of St. Lucian” and replace it with a decoy. Yope’s incredulity and reluctance forces her contact, a bard named Svadin, to admit that she wants to compare the old copy to those being circulated by the church today. Yope agrees, though she is reluctant to act against St. Lucian.



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